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7 Tips on How To Get the Perfect Website Design

Movie tickets, railway and airline travel, and hotel bookings are all done online nowadays. Many of us cannot imagine life without the Internet. The concept of website design and hosting has been gaining momentum and will continue to do so as it becomes easier to hook up to Internet connections almost anywhere. If your site is to remain competitive, there are certain elements of design you’ll need to know. Read on to find out what they are:

1. Keyword Research

What is the purpose of your website? You must know this from the earliest planning stages. Sakshi Infoway will work with you to research suitable keywords and phrases for your website, based on the purpose of your site along with the facts about what your viewers will search for to locate the products and services your business offers.

3. Unique, high quality content

Make sure that you either compose unique content yourself or pay an article writer to prepare some copy for you. Content writing is another aspect of website design that we at Sakshi Infoway can help you with. We will make sure your site has copy that sells. Just tell us what you think your visitors should know, and any other information you want published.


Your website should be user-friendly. The major benefits of usability are higher revenues through increased sales, increased user efficiency, reduced development costs, and reduced support costs. When you make it easy for customers to achieve their goals, they will return and buy from you again. And by providing a great user experience, customers are more likely to recommend the site to other people.

2. Layout

Keep it clean, simple and stylish. Your visitors should instinctively grasp your meaning and know how to find their way around within seconds of landing on your web page. Navigation and site design should not leave out search engine spiders. Always make sure that your coding is clean and to the point. Quality content is also important for a successful website.


For example, your pricing should be easily accessible to viewers, not hidden where they must click the “Buy” icon to see them. You should also provide descriptions and pictures for your products. Your description and pictures of what you’re selling is what cinches the sale, because potential customers will use this information to decide whether or not to buy.


Don’t fritter away your readers’ time by making them search around on your site for a means to get in touch with you. Some webmasters do not display their phone and/or email contact details on the site because they don’t have the resources to manage inquiries. If this is your situation, show your readers some consideration by letting them know that, so they don’t spend their time searching futilely for contact info that doesn’t exist.


Ensure your load time is low. Reduce graphics, Flash and scripts: they seriously increase your loading time. Optimize your HTML and script code, and ensure that your site doesn’t have any unnecessary tags or unused scripts, and that it is optimized for load time. Use Server Side Include files wherever possible: once called from the web server these files stay in its cache so on subsequent requests they load faster.

If nothing much has been happening for you or your website, try applying these seven principles and see what happens. You should also contact us here at Sakshi Infoway, and let some of the best minds in the industry take over your project. We can help you, whether you already have an idea of what you want your website to look like or you need help deciding what will best suit your needs.